Survive or Thrive! Water Quality Makes a Difference!


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Throughout human history, there seems to be a common theme for most of humanity. The common theme often being a story of persecution. A story of poverty and lack. Where survive or die were our only choices. And believe you me, There are still many places on the planet earth where this is still the case for many human beings. 

Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of these desperate people working to survive everyday of your life. Not to discredit your internal daily battles. But my guess is, for the most part that you have a roof over over your head and full tummy. You also have one of the single most advanced pieces of technology right at your fingertips. With the ability to connect with people all over this planet and maybe even beyond.

We’re at a point in our history where for the first time, we have the ability to focus on anything we want. Survival is no longer our top priority. 

What if we were to consciously begin to focus our energy on thriving. What if we were to be extra aware of what we put inside our bodies. Optimizing our energy levels, and our overall health. 

Taking in more vegetables and vitamins, and clean, purified water. Not just the bottled water that has been sitting on shelves for far too long. And definitely not the hard, questionable tap water.

What if we started looking at water as the most important part of our day, and went out of our way to get the best quality water available?

It has been well-documented with experiments replicating DR Emoto’s studies on water. Proving that Consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water.

This means that we have the conscious ability to change the water we are drinking based on our thoughts.

So in a world where a lot of people are looking to spend their money of frivolous distractions, perhaps we can take conscious action and make sure to consume the best quality of water available.


For times when the source of your water is questionable, you can rely on using the chlorine dioxide as a natural way of eliminating bacteria and many other viruses that can be found in water.

Learn more about the effects of chlorine dioxide on water and the common industrial uses of it our water…. 

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