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Water Purification Kits

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Water Purification Kits for Clean Drinking Water

When you’re away from home it can be hard to always have clean drinking water on hand. Not only do you need a few liters of water each day to quench your thirst and meet your intake needs, but you also need clean water to brush your teeth, wash your face or to get one of those on-the-go showers or baths in.

Just ask any traveler that’s had an issue with clean water during their travels. It only takes a swig of some bad water to ruin your day or your trip, and you don’t even have to drink any of it for it to affect you. After all, that’s what happened to Bob Costas, the NBC broadcaster who dealt with a particularly bad case of pink eye (in both eyes!) during the 2014 Sochi Olympics as a result of washing his face with tap water that wasn’t adequately purified for use.

While you may not be gearing up for some face time on international TV, the risks of drinking or using water that isn’t wholly safe for human consumption can do more than cause an embarrassing infection — they can spread viruses, cause stomach disorders and more.


So what’s a traveler or a water purist to do? The answer is water purification kits powered by chlorine dioxide. 


What Is Chloride Dioxide?


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), chlorine dioxide helps rid water of bacteria, viruses and parasites such as Cryptosporidium parvum. Furthermore, the EPA recognizes chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant for drinking water, and it’s also included in the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide also use chlorine dioxide to help sterilize equipment, as well as surfaces and rooms, and research shows that it’s both safe and effective at reducing the prevalence of bacteria in medical environments.


Water Purification Kits for Any Need


We all know that water today isn’t as clean as it used to be. Not only are things like heavy metals found routinely in water supplies, but other toxins like BPAs, lead, mercury, ammonia, pesticides, fire retardants, PERCs, parabens, aluminum, tin, fluoride and diesel are all found in water worldwide.


If you’re traveling, our chlorine dioxide water purification kits can rid these toxins from the water you drink or use, and it’s also great for water stores at home if you’d like to be prepared in case of a crisis. Since water toxins have been linked to depression, dementia, insomnia, chronic fatigue, poor memory and learning, digestive issues, skin irritation and even autoimmune disorders, it’s important to purify any water if you’re unsure of the source. 


You may not always have access to bottled water, but you can always be just minutes away from safe and pure water with our chlorine dioxide water purification kits. Even so-called safe tap water may not be that safe as residents in Flint, Michigan learned during their water crisis in 2014, leading many residents and the city itself to switch fully to bottled water until they could get their water treatment back under control, which took an astonishing five years.

With our water purification kits, we give you the ability to treat any water source in your life with the power of chlorine dioxide. It’s a safe and easy way to ensure that the water you have is both safe to drink and use, which can come in handy on the road and even in the comfort of home.

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