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Aerator for Chlorine Dioxide Tablets


Get the absolute most from your Chlorine Dioxide tabs! Having a working aerator is key to achieve the results you desire.

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Aerator for Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Achieve Results Like A Pro

The 1ness Aerator device is specially-designed to work with aqua-format Chlorine Dioxide Tablets and provides professional-grade results.

Many companies will say that a device such as this one is not required, but scientific studies have shown how the performance is amplified each and every time an aerator device is used. Don’t mess around — get the results that you are looking for right away!

Light and portable, 1ness Aerators are very simple, but highly effective! Requiring only two (2) D batteries and it will run for hours without worry or hassle. Simply add the correct amount of water to your shallow, plastic pale (bucket), along with your Chlorine Dioxide tablet and place the heavy-end of the tube mechanism into the water and turn on. That’s it!

Designed to work with with 20g, 50g and 100g Chlorine Dioxide Tablets.

Important Note: This product does require water and the use of a bucket or pale for functionality. We recommend a food-grade plastic material, which can be purchased at common stores such as HomeDepot & Lowe’s. The 1ness Aerator works in conjunction with our Heavy-Duty Chlorine Dioxide Tablets in order to create a gaseous vapor for odor removal, disinfection and more. Further instructions for use can be found in our Help Center, right here.

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS! Please handle with caution and care.

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