Clean Water brings Covid Relief in the Amazon


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We have been able to bring much relief to many areas of the Amazon Region over the past 15 months while the pandemic hit the area severely and locals were facing numerous health crisis. Thanks to our main promoters, Roli Rodrigues Augustine, Water Purification Drops were distributed to over 12,000 people in over 80 villages along the Ucayali River in the Amazon.

Roli has been a leading the efforts in educator when it comes to chlorine dioxide water purification drops for over 7 years in the Amazon. We are happy and grateful to be able to support in completing his nursing education receiving his degree in 2015. Since then, Roli has taken his extensive medical knowledge out into the field trying to reach as many as possible that are in need. Roli is a native of the indigenous Shipibo tribe of the local Amazon region. It is his passion to assist his fellow communities, especially in the villages down river where accessibility is difficult. Here in these villages, the people only have access to river water for their drinking water. As the rivers are continually contaminated, the locals are given a new opportunity for cleaner water by adding the water purification drops.

Roli has stated that he has witnessed many miraculous recoveries from water and food born illnesses that have impacted these communities. We continue to provide these chlorine dioxide drops to more and more communities where the need is greatest. Thank you for helping us create a better future for the greater good together!