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Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Our Body


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At 1ness, we are all about water. But wellness also extends beyond. How we move and what we consume as a part of our diet, helps to nourish, repair and build up the body.

An important question that keeps coming up is: are we getting enough protein?

The Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging says, no! Open the door to sarcopenia, accelerated ageing, poor bone health, and increased injury, poor performance and recovery, and activity-based fatigue (among many bad things!).

That’s right, even with today’s high nutrition standards and quality of life (and loads of supplements, even protein powder), most people don’t even get close enough protein, especially athletes! We will tell you why soon.

How much protein, you would ask, should you be getting? On average, we’d tell you 1.2g per kg of body weight. But it can rise to 2g per kg of body weight when training and under stress > pay attention athletes, that’s you.

To calculate how much protein you are really getting and need from your diet, you can use this simple calculation below from each main protein source to find out!

If you consumed 100 grams from each of these main protein sources, this is actually how much essential protein you’re getting from them:

100g BCAAs = 1 gram protein (.01 times 100)

100g whey, soy & nuts = 18 grams protein (.18 times 100)

100g meat and fish = 32 grams protein (.32 times 100)

100g whole egg = 48 grams protein (.48 times 100)

100g Fundaminos = 99 grams protein (.99 times 100)

Look, there’s a BIG protein problem out there plaguing the world few know about! What is it?

Let’s assume you weigh a strong 100kg (easy math!), that means you need at least (AT LEAST!!!) 120 grams protein per day for proper body function and recovery, without, training. Easy right? Not really.

Remember from the equation above, though, grams protein in doesn’t equal protein used. So even if you ate 120 grams of meat per day, you are still short 81.6 grams protein (120 times .32) that you still must consume. Dietary protein is not effective, surprise, for the support you want from it, thus forth.

You’d actually need to eat 375 grams meat to get your 120 grams needed daily protein (see the equation above again to see how). Or 666.666 grams (no joke, it’s really eating the devil’s number) from whey and soy. Sorry, but holy crap, that’s a lot, and kind of scary!!

Look at it this way, protein consumed as a “macro” doesn’t work like you think it does. Most of the protein you eat is not actually absorbed by the body. Research shows before it even touches your muscles, on average of all protein sources, 68% is not usable. Plus add to that a very slow digestion time from 2-4 hours.

A 40 gram whey protein shake, only 7.2 grams of protein actually get used as protein; and that your body can extract the building blocks of protein it NEEDS for what you NEED. Your favorite proteins bar loaded with 20 grams protein? It’s really only providing you 3.6 grams protein in the end. Weak sauce, boss.

Sorry to rock your entire world, but you need to hear this again.

Protein grams you eat does not even come close to the amount that’s actually used by your body for muscle recovery, energy, performance, and a lot more! A failure to understand this, can result in poor protein fueling and protein malnutrition even if you think you’re getting enough protein or THINK you are using it correctly. Even worse, for athletes, poor protein fueling can be the difference between winning and losing and a season destroyed by injury and poor performance.

But don’t fear, dear, Fundaminos is, near, right here!

Fundaminos amino acids are special. Why? Because they provide 99% protein used directly as protein into your muscles within 15 minutes with only 5 calories, too.

This makes Fundaminos 6x more effective (and 8x-16x quicker acting) for muscle recovery, endurance support, and fatigue resistance, and more vs. protein powder!

One serving of Fundaminos equals 40 grams of protein, 5 calories, basically 100% effective, working in 15 minutes. Now, from what you know now, which would you choose to maximize your time, energy, and results (and money), Fundaminos or protein powder?***

We don’t want to sound pretentious, but only someone who would have just crawled out of a hole in the ground wouldn’t choose Fundaminos as the more effective and superior protein support option for recovery, muscle mass, and performance.

Use the equation above wisely to double check your intakes and to get on top of your protein game!

FUNDAMINOS™ is an organic complete, plant-based essential and branch-chain amino acids blend optimized with 100% protein for injury prevention, longevity and muscle mass, muscle recovery, and body composition PLUS clinically-proven EAA/BCAA ratio to support recovery, metabolic health, cognitive function, and staying lean.

The all-new 8th gen formulation is great tasting and also boosted with L-leucine for peak muscle stimulation, power, energy and peak endurance performance.

A great source of phytonutrients and antioxidants plus soothing tart cherry and ginseng extracts for superior recovery and deeper sleep! You need the fundamental building blocks of protein and nutrition; you will get it done FUNDAMINOS!

Unlock the Power of Fundaminos Amino Acids!

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